Our Partners

Inspiring love through action, Trade-Works Foundation connects dreamers with do-ers to cultivate economic opportunity and personal stability for under resourced youth.

A world where everyone knows their purpose, has the resources to achieve their potential and the power to influence their community.

Trade-Works Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization built upon the principle of finding and unlocking the untapped potential of under-resourced youth around the globe.  We build on current skills while sparking interest in the trade industry.  
Utilizing a volunteer team of trade industry experts, we promote self-sustainability through workshops, supplying each attendee with the tools necessary to tangibly begin a career.

Our commitment is to speak purpose and inspire vision past current circumstances, helping to launch successful careers.




A Real Grip is a Seattle based multimedia production company. We specialize in producing engaging videos for small-medium-large companies, agencies, non-profits and independent consultants. As a script-to-screen, full service video production company, we handle tasks from concept development to writing, scouting, casting, shooting, editing and delivering your video, on time. We are very budget-minded and can (in most cases) work within the parameters given by our clients. We understand that people don't buy what you do they buy why you do it. One thing that sets us apart at A Real Grip is we look at producing videos as a challenge, always searching for ways to break new ground, tackling projects that allow us to flex our artistic muscle. The tools of our trade are curiosity, creativity and enough humility to know it's the story – not the tellers – that's most important. Our pledge to our clients is to under promise and over deliver, without fail.